Some of my Banners, Flyers and Advertisement Designs recently

Event Advertisement

Here are some of my advertisement related works in recent times.

College photoshoot
Advertisement Design For Cam Sanders
The Fishery Ad Idea
Ad for a sea side restaurant in a 5 star hotel
Ad for Clock Maker German
Authentic Clock Maker
Babysitting Nanny
5star nanny
babysitting Ad
Florida Flying Club
Flyer Design for Florida flying club
Advertisement Design
Ad for Mine Signs
Advertisement Design
Nevada Motor Works
Event Advertisement
Taste of Clear Water Event Ad
Cover Page
Cover page for the cashless cab case study
Advertisement Design
Advertisement for ABC Bakery Premium Cakes
Advertisement Design
Granny Gram Post card services Ad
Postcard Design
Nex Concept Furniture Designer Postcard Design

Info graphic for Thanking Labor Force of the World

We see them everywhere. They always wear safety hats, safety shoes and Full Dress which has glowing radium for emergencies. I am talking about a normal Labor. He works very hard, earns very less to make our live’s easier.

He cannot fight against the people who call them for work abroad and then don’t pay him on time or not at all.

I made a small info graphic which you all can pass on to show what a labors life is and what can help them when in need.

Lets thank all the labors when and where ever we can how ever possible.

Even if we can pray for them, It will make a big difference for them.

Thanking Labor
Info graphic showing a normal Labors life.

Thank you for your time.

#labor #humanity #help&hope #help #thanking

Trying out Society6

I heard about Society6, A web store selling custom designs onto prints and covers and other products.

Varied designers post their work and get paid as per the crowd likes.

So I am also trying out the platform and will post to see how it works.

here is a sample work by me.

freedom of art expressed by text

Visit socity6 at link

and like my work.